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If You Can Stomach It dot com is a blog site for meat lovers that focus on eating, cooking, and enjoying all types of food.

We are the people who love bacon too much to give it up, no matter what anyone says about its link to cancer or how unhealthy it might be. We’re the ones who still think steak is an appropriate meal for any occasion; we’ll never stop ordering chicken wings at a bar, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with breakfast served any time of day (or night).

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Cow Meat

Cow meat is very lean and delicious, but it doesn't have nearly the same taste as regular beef.

Pork Tenderloin

The best pork tenderloin recipes are often the simplest. To make this delicious dish, all you need is a few ingredients and an oven.

Beaf Ribs

One of the best things about beef ribs is they are usually very big. While it's important to have a good meat tenderizer, you'll be able to cut any bone with ease because of their size.


The best way to understand beef is by learning its nutritional value. For instance, one serving contains 50% of your daily recommended intake for iron and vitamin B12! The secret behind a good steak lies in how well it has been aged. If you want yours medium rare then don't bother with an ultra-old cut--let's say 24 months or more from slaughter date at minimum; but there are also cookbooks out on how long different cuts take depending upon type - rib eyes being generally less fatty than other types like strip loins/ground Chuck etcetera...


The texture of pork is comparable to beef, but has more fat and less lean meat. The flavor can range from sweet (ham) or salty (bacon). The word "pork" sounds like pigs which may reference its cleanliness during cooking because it's so easy for bacteria such as salmonella etc., ̵. Some people eat this dish because they think eating bacon once weekly will help combat heart disease; however, there isn't enough scientific evidence that backs up those claims yet.


Chicken meat is not only a delicious and nutritious food, but it can also provide you with all the protein your body needs. When cooked properly chicken has an innate ability to retain moisture which helps keep other foods at their freshest state for longer periods of time by preventing spoilage from occurring before they're consumed!
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